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21 Jan

Balkans Explored

Meet the colourful cultures and people of the marvellous Balkans. Adventure through the ‘Powder Keg’ of Europe in exquisite style over 12 days and 7 countries. Soak in the incredible natural beauty and unparalleled cultural diversity of the stunning Balkans. From the vibrant streets of Sofia and Belgrade to the serenity of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, while witnessing the gorgeous shift of the landscape. Connect with the authentic culture while discovering medieval ramparts, quaint villages and unforgettable highlights on the Best of Balkans.

21 Jan

Magical Balkans

Join us on this fascinating Magical Balkans tour to witness the living history as well as unparalleled natural beauty. Share a cup of tea with the lively and passionate people; fall in awe against the magnificent mountain range and crystal mirror-like lakes; meanwhile soak in the massive history that shaped the future of Europe. This Balkans tour takes you through all the highlights from palaces of the Tsars in Sofia and charming Belgrade to the pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik, to the pretty Montenegrin villages and Albanian towns, via the heart of stunning Macedonia.

21 Jan

Impressive Balkans

Embark on this unforgettable tour of the best of the Balkans. Kicking off at the Bulgarian capital, make your way through Belgrade and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Besiege the walls of Dubrovnik before jumping into the sapphire waters of the Adriatic. Dry off on the way to spectacular Montenegro whilst passing the outstanding mountain backdrop. Welcome the spectacular coastline together with the warm lively people. Uncover the unspoken natural beauty and impressive history of a marvellous region on this Balkans tour.