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21 Oct

Highlights of Balkans

Uncover the astounding natural and cultural treasures of the Balkans on an 11-day premium adventure. Embark on an exquisite journey from Sofia, covering all the highlights of a fascinating region through 7 countries. Embrace the unique culture of each sight visited from Belgrade to Sarajevo, Mostar, Tirana and Skopje, whilst soaking in the gorgeous nature. Discover the incredible medieval towns of Dubrovnik and Kotor, as well as wonderful hidden gems along the path.

21 Oct

Best of Balkans

Meet the colourful cultures and people of the marvellous Balkans. Adventure through the ‘Powder Keg’ of Europe in exquisite style over 12 days and 7 countries. Soak in the incredible natural beauty and unparalleled cultural diversity of the stunning Balkans. From the vibrant streets of Sofia and Belgrade to the serenity of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, while witnessing the gorgeous shift of the landscape. Connect with the authentic culture while discovering medieval ramparts, quaint villages and unforgettable highlights on the Best of Balkans.

08 Oct

Balkans Uncovered

Discover a fascinating region of stunning natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage in exquisite comfort and style. Uncover the top highlights of the Balkans throughout 7 beautiful countries including Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Learn about the countless struggles which have shaped the Balkan ‘powder keg’ in history. Soak in gorgeous monuments and impressive cities as well as spectacular nature. Embrace the colourful cultures and delicious local cuisine while uncovering all the must-see sights from each country.