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Discover the legendary beauty and fascinating mythology of Greece throughout the mainland and the precious islands of Mykonos and Santorini for 4 days each. Explore the ‘cradle of Western civilization’ on the 15-day Best of Greece to uncover all the incredible highlights on a comfortable and well-paced cultural adventure. Witness the changing landscapes and the seamless blend of ancient and cosmopolitan from Athens to Corinth, Meteora, and Olympia. Return to Athens through Venetian towns and lush fields of green and catch your ferry to Mykonos. Soak in the island life while sunbathing at premium seaside clubs or party till sun down. Continue to the magical cliffs of Santorini, painted with terraces of white and blue, and enjoy the volcanic beaches, fascinating history and the most stunning scenery.

15 Day
Starts in / Ends in
Athens / Athens
Departs on
Hotel Rating
5 -4 Star Hotels
2 People Min.

Sight Visited

  • Athens

    You will fall in love with the perfect combination of culture, history and the dynamic contemporary life in one of the oldest cities in the world.

  • Delphi

  • Epidavros

    Explore Ancient Epidaurus, an experience through the history of Greece with breaks at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and museums.

  • Kalambaka

    Kalambaka is a small town in Greece, built on the feet of the Meteora.

  • Mykonos

    Greece’s most famous with blue flag beaches, whitewashed streets and vibrant nightlife. You won’t want to leave the ‘The Island of the Winds’!

  • Nafplion

    Nafplion is a beauty, maybe the most romantic place in Greece. It was captured by many civilizations. And each of them left a mark from their cultures, Ottoman fountains, Venetian buildings, Ancient walls, medieval castles are now attracting people from all around the world.

  • Santorini

    The most beautiful sunset in the world… This volcanic island has unique scenery with its multi-colored cliffs and beaches. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy.


Day 1: Athens
Meet the unparalleled cultural heritage of ancient Greece on an epic adventure in comfort and style.  Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel by a Ciconia representative at the airport. In the afternoon, join the welcome meeting at the hotel lobby with your fellow travellers and Tour Director. Greet the sophisticated and delicious Greek cuisine tonight on a group dinner, make sure to leave room for amazing desserts.
  • Hotel: Divani Caravel Hotel 5*
  • Optional Experiences: Group Dinner
  • Meals: No
Day 2: Athens City Tour
Journey to the depths of ancient Greece as we embark on a comprehensive city tour of the cradle of western civilization with our expert guide. Soak in unique sights such as the world-famous Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, the Royal Palace, Temple of Zeus and Agora, and follow the footsteps of Socrates and Plato. Visit historic sites as Hadrian’s Arch and commemorate the first ever modern Olympics of 1896. You will have personal leisure time in the afternoon to continue your in-depth discovery, stroll the modern vibrant squares, and savour the best local souvlaki or perhaps even ouzo.
  • Hotel: Divani Caravel Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Athens City Tour
Day 3: Athens, Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplion
After a delicious Greek breakfast, we depart towards Corinth on a picturesque journey. Upon arrival, join our local expert as we explore an ancient city of immense historical value. Follow yout Travel Director through the great Greek kingdom of Mycenae and its many wonders including the Beehive Tombs, the Lion Gate and famous Agamemnon’s Royal Palace. The final highlight of the day will be Epidaurus, home to the ancient theatre and Sanctuary of Asclepius – whose snake-coiled staff has inspired the symbol of medicine to this day. Finish off a full day’s cultural adventure in comfort at our hotel in Nafplion, a charming Venetian town. We’ll dine and have a recharging rest at the hotel tonight.
  • Hotel: Amphitryon Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus
Day 4: Nafplion, Olympia
After breakfast, uncover Nafplion on a city tour with your guide. Visit an olive mill to connect with the locals and taste the famously delicious Greek olives. In the afternoon, drive through the scenic Arcadia Mountains towards ancient Olympia, where the first Olympics ever was held in 8th century BC.
  • Hotel: Arty Grand Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Nafplion City Tour, Olive Mill Visit
Day 5: Olympia, Patras, Delphi
Following a delicious Greek breakfast, join our local expert with your Travel Director as we delve into ancient history. Soak in the marvellous mythology and incredible sights as the original Olympic Site, Temple of Hera and Zeus. Drive along the charming coastline towards the vibrant city of Patras, the regional capital of Western Greece. Cross inland to meet the glory and timeless legends of Delphi, where we spend overnight.
  • Hotel: Delphi Palace Hotel 4*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Olympia and Patras Sightseeing
Day 6: Delphi, Thermopylae, Kalambaka
Follow the footsteps of ancient Greeks seeking the great wisdom of the Oracle of Delphi, one of the most important and powerful women of the classical world. Giving advice to whom who seek it, the oracle has served its realm for a thousand years. Continue to discover the impressive ruins of Temple of Apollo, and the statutes of athletes commemorating him with the Pythian Games. Taking a scenic drive to in the afternoon, we arrive to the famous site of Spartan defence spearheaded by King Leonidas to stop Persian invaders. Crossing the green fields of inland Greece through the Pouramaki Pass, we head towards the quaint village of Kalambaka.
  • Hotel: Divani Meteora Hotel 4*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Delphi Sightseeing
Day 7: Kalambaka, Meteora, Athens
Our first stop will be the other-worldly monasteries of Meteora hanging beside massive boulders of rock as if floating in the air. Discover the impressive UNESCO World Heritage site with an expert local guide, visiting the Eastern Orthodox monasteries. On a long scenic drive across the Greek mainland back to Athens, we check into our hotel before dinner. Savour the delicious local cuisine, sample some premium ouzo and commemorate your favourite moments from an incredible adventure.
  • Hotel: Divani Caravel Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Meteora Sightseeing
Day 8: Athens, Mykonos
It is time to embrace the beauty of the Aegean Islands following a week of astounding cultural discovery. Wake up to the beautiful view of Acropolis overlooking Athens and transfer to the port for your ferry to the incredible Mykonos. Sailing the Aegean Sea on a comfortable ferry, approach the maze of whitewashed houses and windmills characteristic of the ‘Island of the Winds’. You will have a full week to leave no stone unturned, savouring the diverse experiences available at this seaside paradise. After checking in to your hotel, enjoy the delicious cuisine at a locale or rest up for an amazing week ahead.
  • Hotel: San Marco Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 9: Mykonos
Enjoy a lovely Greek breakfast at your hotel and ready to explore Mykonos inside out. Start your discovery with a walking tour with your local guide. Find your bearings around the main port and the surrounding labyrinth of narrow streets, visit the important landmarks hidden around the town and learn about the intriguing history of Mykonos. Following with a boat trip to Delos island, roam the incredible ancient ruins at the ‘birthplace’ of the gods Apollo and Artemis. Inhabited since 3rd millennium BC, it is one of the most prized mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in all of Greece. In the evening, taste delicious local seafood and view the most stunning sunset over Little Venice. As you finish your tasteful wine, feel free to discover the rich nightlife of Mykonos
  • Hotel: San Marco Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Key Highlights: Delos Islanf Tour
Day 10: Mykonos
Today we enjoy one of the famous beaches of Mykonos with a stylish touch. Spend your day sunbathing with marvellous views of emerald waters at one of Mykonos’ most famous, the exclusive Psarou beach. A summer hotspot for local and international celebrities, here you can enjoy the highest quality of service Mykonos is known for. Sample delightful seafood and wine at the beach restaurants and savour the excellence of Mykonos in its finest form. In the afternoon, have a taste of adventure with water-sports or scuba diving. Enjoy your evening at the main town as you please, why not a wonderful meal with ouzo and dancing to sirtaki?
  • Hotel: San Marco Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Key Highlights: Psarou Beach
Day 11: Mykonos, Santorini Ferry, Santorini
Bid farewell to the beautiful and crazy Mykonos and ferry to the gorgeous Santorini. Comfortably cruising the Aegean, approach the breath-taking view of steep cliffs and terraces of whitewashed houses. Santorini is blessed with a unique geology and nature, colourful beaches of volcanic sand, immense historical and cultural treasures, and a world-famous sunset. Stroll the vibrant town and soak in a scenery of a lifetime as blue churches and white houses unfold before you. Savour the excellent local wine and fine Greek dining.
  • Hotel: Splendour Resort Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Santorini
Day 12: Santorini
Journey through the heart of the town on a walking tour with your guide. Uncover the bustling town centre, famous landmarks and the popular hotspots for the best views. Take a short boat trip to the crater and hot springs part of the volcano that gave Santorini its unique shape and features. In the afternoon at Oia village, watch the sun disappear in the blurred horizon between the sky and the sea from a pool atop the cliffs. Discover the diverse nightlife of Santorini with plentiful restaurants, lounges, bars and clubs.
  • Hotel: Splendour Resort Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Key Highlights: Santorini Sightseeing, Volcano Tour
Day 13: Santorini
Freely discover the myriad of beautiful sights at Santorini that you couldn’t make the time for. You can hire quadbikes or motorcycles from a local provider to make it to the black or white beach in the South, then the Archaeological Museum of Thera before a refreshing stop; shape your journey as per your wishes. Visit prehistoric settlements; beaches of colourful sand and water sports; quaint villages, wineries and more. Sample the fine Greek cuisine and delightful local wine with astounding views over the village to cement your memories of Santorini.
  • Hotel: Splendour Resort Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Key Highlights: Quad Biking
Day 14: Santorini, Athens Ferry, Athens
Wake up to the beautiful Santorini for a final breakfast on the island. Transfer to the port and ferry back to Athens in comfort with a book at hand. Arriving in late afternoon, spend your personal leisure time wisely to cherish your favourite sites or explore new hidden gems of the capital. Embrace the lively culture and nightlife of Athens and bid a proper farewell to Greece over dinner with friends and ouzo.
  • Hotel: Divani Caravel Hotel 5*
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Key Highlights: Farewell Dinner
Day 15: Athens
Our marvellous Greece adventure comes to an end after breakfast. Make sure to bid farewell to newfound friends and exchange numbers before checking-out of the hotel (at 11:00). Complementary airport transfers are available all day, have a safe and smooth journey!
  • Meals: Breakfast

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